About Us

We believe in the power of handmade the ability to transform a humble skein of yarn into countless possibilities, the sense of self we impart onto what we create.Handmade is a choice. It is time and effort set aside; it is a willingness to slow down; it is a universal way of saying “you are loved”.

I like to describe myself as a knit-writ. I’m a knitter and a freelance internet copywriter, both of which can be solitary activities. I make up for that by blogging, connecting with other bloggers, and collaborating with online entrepreneurs around the world.

I have taken on this blog to continue the education, to provide new information, tips, resources, inspiration, and ideas. I also want this to become a place where you can share your experiences and ideas and become part of the ‘knitter’ community. And we hope one day soon we will be hearing your knitting business success story!