240 Days until Christmas

It’s never too early – plan ahead because, trust me, no one wants a Christmas sweater like the one pictured above. No one. Ok, maybe to wear to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party and be in the running for 1st prize. Then all your hard work will be burned or sent to a thrift store. Where they will sell it as a dart board.

How to begin your Christmas gift knitting – gathering free patterns, of course. I’ve been gathering like crazy, downloading, bookmarking, filing away neatly. I’ll share some of my favorite places to browse:

1. Ravelry – mostly knitting patterns, but some crochet. Here is the place knitting designers can post their free patterns and links to patterns on their websites. There’s also an ample supply of patterns you can purchase. And if you crochet, there are all of the above there for you as well, just not in such abundance. Plenty to keep us all busy forever.

2. Knitting Daily – Sign up and receive access to free knitting patterns from Interweave; you also can subscribe to their email list and get knitting tips, notifications of workshops and all the goings on at Interweave Press, and more. Free knitting patterns and PDFs, knitting books, etc.

3. Paradise Fibers – This is an affiliate link, which, if you use it and ever buy something, it helps incrementally to support my yarn/knitting addiction. No, I’ll never join a 12-Step program, so you don’t need to feel guilty. I love these folks because they’re just folks – this is a family-run business in my home state. They’re quirky and knowledgeable because they do it all, raising animals, making spinning wheels, and just being happy yarn people. Yarn, knitting tools and supplies, spinning supplies, etc.

4. Knit Picks – Another Pacific Northwest yarn and accessories company who’s yarns are well known as reliable standards as well as always having a few delicious surprises. KP operates ethically and responsibly on an international scale while keeping prices reasonable. Knitting yarn and books.

5. Classic Elite – Their newsletter arrives with free patterns, can’t beat that for easy. Their patterns are usually uncomplicated, making them perfect for beginning knitters, and serve as a great springboard for creative experienced knitters. And they have yarn, of course.

6. Tahki Stacy Charles – Stylish and quirky, these patterns don’t always appeal to my more conservative tastes, but I love the accessories – scarves, knitted jewelry, slippers – they take me out of my comfort zone where you never know what inspiration may strike! Yarn and patterns.

7. Quince & Co. – Alright, these patterns are not free, but they are some of my absolute favorites, and the yarn is beautiful too. (See my Knit Kimono where I used Owl yarn from Q & C.) Since knitted gifts need to be fast and beg to be attractive too, these simple basic patterns satisfy both. Yarn and patterns.

8. Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Then head over to Janice Phelps Williams’s blog. Be sure you’ve got a pot of your favorite beverage and plenty of time to kill, her list is incredible!

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

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