Dishcloths and Frogging

You know you’re OCD when you’re knitting a dishcloth and you frog it 3 times. I mean really, a dishcloth? Who cares?

Apparently, I do. But I finally got it right and it’s almost done. I just need to learn to read (and comprehend what I’m reading.)

At any rate, if you’re like me and you can’t just knit, read, or watch a movie, knitting a dishcloth will keep your hands occupied while your eyes are elsewhere, if it’s a simple enough pattern.

Knit Picks has come to our aid with a year’s worth of free knitting and crochet patterns that will help you bust your cotton yarn stash while keeping your hands busy. Actually, we’re into Year #2 of 53 Weeks of Free Dishcloth Patterns.

Dishcloths are underwhelming until you’ve used a homemade one. I have a daughter in law that can’t get enough of them. I keep a pile of them around for gifts for house guests and for that birthday that creeps up on you before you know it.

If you’re really creative or if the pile seems adequate, you can turn a dishie pattern into a dish towel and voila, a gift set. Need some help finding yarn? Thrift stores are a great place to look for bags of cotton yarn — for once, partial balls are enough to finish your project.

Still looking for yarn? Shop online at Webs and you can search their Closeouts for fiber type (cotton) and get the best deals. Often you only have a couple of colors to choose from but so what? Dishies aren’t fussy.

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