Knitted Placemat

placemat pattern

knitted placemat pattern

If you want to knit something as easy as a scarf but don’t know anyone who needs or wants one, consider knitting a placemat. A placemat is wider but much shorter than a scarf, but you can experiment, try out new skills, and test different stitch patterns just like you can with a scarf.

I’m not one for liking a placemat in a lacy design knit with a fine yarn but this zigzag placemat is a good starting place. I think I might choose a linen or hemp yarn and a more ethnic or primitive look. I have white plates etc. that would simply be a wash against this color, but a brown or beige would be perfect.

Stretch your imagination and knit up a set of 17×12 placemats. They’re a fast knit.


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