If they ever make Needles and Artifice into a movie

For those of you who haven’t heard, Needles and Artifice is a book by The Ladies of Mischief. It’s an adventurous knitting story laced with Victorian/steampunk knitting patterns. I think the book should be adapted into a screenplay featuring Christopher Walken. He’s a natural.

A bit more about the book: the patterns are influenced by punk but even a slightly conservative grandma such as myself can find designs to love. The Revolution Shrug will find its way onto my needles soon, as will the chemise and bloomers (for bedroom only) and the bed jacket (in silk, of course). I love the brimmed cap, and the details of the overbust corset are too delicious not to knit — picot edge and cables up the front, oh my. How to accentuate the positive! The Gossip Stole will certainly get them talking, exquisite!

If what you’re after is some ideas for a great steampunk Halloween costume, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the Deviation Capelet and the Eccentricity stockings. Oh…and read the story while you’re at it. You’ll never look at knitting quite the same again.

“I certainly hope our trip to Shanghai is smooth from here. One crash landing was quite enough–“

Anna launched across the table and clapped her hand over Kristoff’s mouth, scattering her knitting and her teacup in the process. “Don’t!” she hissed, eyes darting from side to side as she scanned the dirigible’s galley for danger….

So begins the adventure.

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