I Get To Knit More When I Have Computer Woes

First, there was all the holiday gift knitting to complete, lots of it, some with a Thanksgiving deadline, then the trips to the post office to ship packages around the country. Mission accomplished all family members had a merrier Christmas. Comments ranged from thanks so much to those gifts were friggin awesome!

There was also a Toasty Toes Slipper order to get off by Christmas; not to settle for just a simple deadline, I had to scour the internet for yarn to substitute for what was unavailable, hope and pray that combining wool and alpaca in the same felted slippers wouldn’t result in a last minute disaster, and again cross my fingers that all would arrive on time for Christmas morning.

Then on to the last obligation, a pair of slippers for a friend who kindly said I should get all my gift knitting done first, bless her heart. I think she’ll be pleased.

I finished up a couple gifts for my partner R and all was well. Christmas Day was hectic but fun, ferrying over to Seattle, visiting family, then returning on an evening ferry. Whew. I’m just glad its over. So many people think this is the most fun time of year. They don’t try to make knitted presents for everyone, obviously.

While it’s still fresh in my mind, I’m rethinking Christmas.

Meanwhile, lest I sit on my laurels, my computer is pissed that I’ve been favoring my knitting needles over my keyboard for the past two months. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. My computer dispensed with squeaking, and just froze up while doing a Windows update. Until I resolve this issue, I’m using an ancient (in computer terms) Mac. It’s very pretty, but obsolete. Apple no longer supports it, Adobe no longer supports anything but much more recent versions of the OS, Firefox is only available in an outdated version for this OSbasically, nothing I am using likes anything else I’m using.

Even typing right now is slow. I’m getting used to a new keyboard as well, but the letters are appearing on my screen very, very slowly. It’s making my PC laptop (maybe 5 or 6 years old) look like state-of-the-art, even though this computer is all bright and white and my lappy is dull Gateway Gray. Heh, so much for beauty

My files are being held hostage by my stalled happy and Carbonite, that most excellent file storage company that does a fine job of storing everything unless you need to transfer everything from a PC to a Mac

This is why I read, more often than I care to remember, the words my computer hates me so often.

In comparison, my knitting needles never hate me. Yes, I’ve frogged more than my share of failed knitting projects, but once the frogging pain is in the past, I’m once again faced with yarn, needles, imagination, and infinite possibilities. Bamboo needles, forgiving yarn, fresh coffee, a comfortable sofa in front of the fire.

All is well. I’ll be back with a couple new knitting patterns soon. Be well, and don’t let the computer monsters scare you. Maybe I’ll knit blankets for each monitor in my life. Or knit me a computer.

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