Knitted and Felted Clutch Bag

I’m beginning to see a pattern (no pun intended) in my knitting. I respond to needs, crises, and emergencies by knitting something, both to calm my nerves and to solve a problem. How many of you see yourselves in my story?

I made myself a very very large knitting bag knitted and felted wool to make my transitions easier. Whether it’s the transition from couch to computer chair, computer chair to lawn chair, or house to car, I got weary of grabbing a pillow, a knitting basket, my purse, iPhone, snacks, a book, a water bottle, ad infinitum the mix depends on where I’m going but always includes more than I can carry with two hands. So I knit and felted a bag that contains a lot of it; it hangs on my shoulder leaving my hands free to carry the rest.

In the car, I have the dilemma of deciding what stays with me and what goes into the back seat. Often my feet are squished into a very small area because knitting, purse, water bottle, and snacks are important to have handy! I usually eliminate the purse and put the essentials in my knitting bag instead. A knitted and felted car seat organizer is in my future

What happens when I get to the grocery store? Do I walk in looking like I’ve packed for a week of shopping?

I didn’t stage this, I just picked it up, dumped it out, and spread it out a little so you could see it all. What’s a knitter to do? Knit a solution (and then felt it).

I knit and felted an oversized clutch purse that fits in my knitting bag. Not only will this help my knitting bag stay organized, but if I fill it with the bare essentials, I can grab it to go shopping and leave the rest of my necessaries-for-the-long-haul in the car.

I could fit more in the clutch a bankbook, tissues, makeup but I’m trying to go light here. You get the idea, as this purse holds my wallet, notepad, eyeglass case, and iPhone easily. Contents will vary depending on where I’m going (bankbook to the bank, makeup to a restaurant, tissues if I have a cold, dental floss if I want to impress my dentist)

I’ll write up this pattern and share it with you when I find it. Sigh. I’m sure you see my personal crisis organization! I have Virgo rising which tells me the world would be perfect if only I could organize it. This large clutch purse is a start!

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