Knitted Baseball Cap

knitted baseball cap

knitted baseball cap

I’ve felt sorry for those guys that HAVE to wear a baseball cap year-round. BRRRRR! So I’ve taken it upon myself to attempt a knitted wool one.

If you’re knitting for a sports fan, you might want to choose his team colors. Otherwise, I suggest sticking to a somewhat neutral color – a shade of black/gray/brown, or a deep forest green or navy blue. For summer you might try linen or hemp; I happen to love wool.

I’m knitting the cap like I do a watch cap ala EZ (Elizabeth Zimmerman), her Prime Rib stitch, just because it is so extremely elastic and forgiving if you don’t have the size just right. I follow her hat pattern, knitting it up without any allowance for turning up the edge, and then it’s time for the brim.

I could not for the life of me figure out how to knit the brim and have it be stiff enough. I finally decided to take a brim off of an old hat and use it for a pattern. I cut one to match out of plastic needlework canvas.

Finally, the brainstorm for how to knit the hat brim. I channeled EZ (that’s how Elizabeth Zimmermann is known amongst her adoring fans). She reminded me, rather sternly, that of course we want to knit in the round. Make it like a sock toe, methinks!

Now, back in the sock article I gave you the url of a page with lots of sock toe options.

Was it Forrest Gump who said “simple is as simple does” or did I just make that up? At any rate, that’s my motto. On the sock toe page, the first option, “Joan’s Favorite Toe”, fits my purposes just fine. Others swear by the short row, knitting from the toe up method. That one works very well when knitting a sock for someone who can try it on as you go.

I prefer simply knitting a little bag in the round for my hat brim, “trying it on” and adjusting the shaping to fit my brim exactly. Obviously the decrease rounds will need to be further apart for a rounder, less pointed brim than the picture of the sock.

When the brim is done, slip in the needlework canvas, then sew it to the cap.


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