Cats and Works in Progress

I cannot find fault with cats who love wool. Still, I sometimes get frustrated by a certain cat in my life who loves to either lay on my knitting WHILE I’m knitting, climb into one of several knitting baskets I have around my home, or play with my knitting.

I share the love and set up cat traps.

Cats love getting inside of anything; mine are typical in that any box left lying around gets climbed into and maybe even slept in. So boxes make good traps. Any box will do.

However, sometimes it’s the wool that is the lure, and boxes won’t do. When it is time to play, how can I fault a creature that loves the same toys as I do?

When all else fails, my cat reminds me of my works-in-progress. I find scenes like this almost every morning. (I tried to leave the photo dark so I can hide how badly I need to vacuum – fail. Stupid flash.)

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