Wool Cotton 4-Ply Yarn

Rowan’s beautiful 50% Merino wool, 50% cotton 4-ply yarn has just enough twist to give your stitches definition. It is soft enough for babies and machine washable for busy moms.

What grabs my attention is the drape. Softness and draped in a cotton blend, plus the spring/summer color selection makes this a go-to yarn in my book. I’m usually not a big fan of knitting with cotton yarns because they feel stiff as you knit, the yarn tends to split while knitting, and the stiffness carries over to a finished garment that feels like you’ve added some starch to it.

As usual, the color is difficult to capture with a digital camera and then display online. This is a lovely, subtle leaf green. And take my word for it, it’s soft, drapey, and dreamy.

Wood Shrug

This shrug is a classic example of how I “follow a pattern.” I use that term very loosely. I basically did follow a pattern from the fantastic book, Knit 2 Together: Patterns and Stories for Serious Knitting Fun, but I substituted yarn (Wool of the Andes from KnitPicks) and found a border pattern that I liked better than the lace one (from Barbara Walker’s “A Treasury of Knitting Patterns“.) Don’t get me wrong, the lace is lovely; I’m just not one for lace.

All this substituting meant a lot of swatch knitting and algebra so I could get it to fit how I wanted and I have to say I love the result. I never thought I’d like a shrug but I’m sold. It’s perfect for those times you might like to drape a shawl across your shoulders – when a full sweater might be too much.

And practical as I am, I like how much easier a shrug is to wear than a shawl. I can be active and not have to fuss with a shawl. It’s pretty from the back, too, I think.

The knitting was simple as pie – just knit a big ribbed rectangle, fold in half, then sew part way up each side, creating sleeves. Pick up stitches and knit the borders and you’re done.

If you look closely you can see the short seams from sleeve border to edge border. The ribbed pattern hides them nicely. All in all, a joy to knit and to wear.

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